When do we need to book you?

As soon as possible. Often I get booked a year before the wedding. I can’t book tentatively so it’s first comes first served basis.

We are getting married far from you. Can you travel to us?

Absolutely, I do that often. I live in Helsingborg, Skåne but I shoot a lot all over Sweden. I love to shoot Destination Weddings wherever they may happen to be in the world. Costs for travel and accommodation will be extra.

What does a wedding session cost?

It depends on how long I stay at your wedding. If its a local wedding I stay from 2 – 16 hours. But if it’s a destination wedding it’s no less then a full day. After that you can complete your order with prints and albums. Prices start from 11.000 SEK.  Read more about your investment here.

How and when do we pay?

For international weddings I charge 20% as a booking fee and the rest a month prior to the wedding. For Swedish weddings I charge 100% right after your wedding, before I start developing your photos.

What package do you recommend?

If your wedding is pretty close to me I recommend al least 5 hours to be able to tell your story. A weeding is far more than portraits and ceremony. The best is obviously the full day. That’s when you get the complete true story. For international weddings you can only choose the full day package. And it is the full day. Not 8 hours or even 12. It’s probably 14-16 hours…

What's included in our package?

You get all images from the day. All images that I think is good and adds something to your story. The images are high resolution so you can print them up to A3 your self and they are treated according to a style that I make just for your images. You will get the majority in both color and black & white. On a full day it might be 500-1000 images + equal number of black and white.
I usually make a blog post or slide show with my favorites that you can share with your friends on Facebook etc. The images are delivered digitally on a gallery page.

When do we receive the photos?

It depends on whether it is low or high season. In my agreement it says up to 3 months but usually it’s much quicker than that. In the beginning of the season it maybe as fast as 2 weeks.

I want to keep the photos in my style, so I dont send them over seas and let someone else do them for me. It’s slower but I keep my style. Because that is why you book me.

What do we do if it rains?

I’m there to tell your story. Your true history. If it rains we’ll show it. Is it cold we show it. If it rains a lot we’re obviously not outdoors all the time but have a back-up plan that we determine in advance. Umbrella with matching rain boots is something to think about.

Do you always shoot alone?

I usually photograph myself but can if you want to use a second shooter. A second shooter costs 5000 SEK extra. I also have good contacts when it comes to Videography.

Do you require food?

Everyone needs food, including me. If the assignment is more than 6 hours. You have two different options. Either I eat with you and can be ready if something happens or I’ll take a 30-60 minute break for eating.
I need beverage (water / soda) throughout the day. No alcohol.

Are the photos safe? What if something breaks?

In several cameras I have dual memory card for backup. Once they are imported I also have a backup in another safe place. I keep all images, including the non selected ones for 1 year after the wedding. Then I delete the non selected while retaining the others.

Do you have to print everything or can we choose ourselves?

No. The pictures you get works for print up to at least A3 and you can print them as much as you like. For bigger and better prints/paper, such as fine art print, canvas or albums you contact me for good prices. I design the high quality albums and tell your story in best possible way. In amazing albums that you cant order as a non photographer.

Read more about the alums here

What is the best way to show all our images?

It is undoubtedly best to do an album. You can basically do one yourself but if you want the story in the best way with professional layout and best quality of the album, you need to order it through me. I have many different suppliers of albums and they can appear in many different ways when it comes to materials, wrapping, paper, size, quality, etc. I’ll help you find the one that suits you best.

Read more about albums here

If it's a full day coverage, what do you wear?

I dress a bit like I am. Thus, quite relaxed but stylish. Previously I always wore suit and tie but it not good to work in. Chinos, shirts with sleeves rolled up in the summer and stylish shoes. Probably with my hat. It is my work clothes. If you need me to wear a suit it’s no problem of course.