There are stories everywhere. It’s easy to miss them when time flies. Maybe thats why I constantly get surprised how much more one can see, viewing life thru a camera. One gets easily reminded  about small events in life, regardless if that is a wedding close to a quiet lake or on the way to work on a Tuesday.

In other words, my job makes me privileged. And happy.

It has been like that for a long time.

I got my first camera from my Grandfather when I was five years old. He was an amazing artist and maybe he saw something in me – something creative. I remember clearly that I carried that camera everywhere. How it felt in my hand. The weight. My finger on the shutter. My first shot was a portrait of my older sister, a crooked image that might have been my most important one. Because that’s how it all started.

Then, of course, it took a long time before I found my place. I grew up. Learned about everything. Learned about love. The light became more ande more important. Honesty as well. Thats how I finally found weddings. I fell in love with the discharge. The atmosphere. That love in the air. I wanted to capture it.

One can´t capture a wedding with just one image. It’s not possible. It would even be shameful to try. My job is instead, in an honest way, to capture everything thats happening during their day thru the day and tell their story. About their life. Their relationship. Their friends.

As a viewer, you should be able to keep up with what is happening and feel the scents. Feel the warmth.

And, of course, when you get so genuinely close to a wedding couple and can capture them as casual, ordinary people the result will be something they can take with them into the future. You can relate to the images, because they are real. You will always be able to look back on the day and see yourselves.

Thats why I don´t arrange the scene. I want to deliver honest and beautiful images. Together all those images tells the story of your wedding. The true story, if you will.

And yes. The true story is always a better story.

That makes me think about my Grandfather again. That camera. In many ways it was thanks to him that I took my first image and here I am – as a photographer with a job that I love. Happy to be able to tell so many stories, so many weddings.

Trust me: There is always a story to tell.

It begins and ends with you.