Wedding albums – Print to remember

There is no better way to show your wedding than in an album. Therefore, I recommend all wedding couples to do something more with their photos. They make no use on a hard drive. Where are they in 10 years? 50 years?

I will help you with the design and most important the story. Today’s album is something completely different than earlier. Today is handmade printed albums Lay Flat, ie, each spread is completely flat. Printed on thick photo paper or fine art paper with a hard cover. The covers can be made in linen, leather or a printed image. And they can be of varying sizes.

The price of the first edition has design included. If you want more albums, it’s only production and shipping you pay for. Many people choose to give away copies of albums to parents or best man / bridesmaid. If the first edition example is 30×30 cm, so you can also give away the album in a smaller and less expensive format.

I design, choose images, etc., as you then approve or have suggestions for changes via a flexible online system before it goes to print. I have narrowed it down to 1 provider to deliver the best to you.

The album does not need to be ordered in conjunction with wedding photography, you can order it when it suits you. I make all albums during the winter or spring.


The choises are endless. Size, color, fabric, paper or spreads. It’s your choice.
All albums are hand made and has lay-flat spreads. Let me help you with your choices. 

Let’s quickly go thru an actual album from Anna & Pelles wedding. Here is how it might look like. This is an ArtBook with 35 spreads from a 5 hour wedding.